2008-08-05 20:26:30 by DONAnimation

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Happy Valentines Day!

I am posting this a day early since I won't be here at all tomorrow. I got school and gonna go see a movie and have supper in town. I hope you have a lovely valentines day! And I hope everyone's heart is full of love, and I will be back to watch some valentines day themed Flash! I'll post my favourite one here on the entry board. Just let me know if you have a good one you want to show me and I will check them out. Post the link or just tell me the name of yours down in the comment box. Anyway, I hope your valentines day is lovable and happy. HAPPY V-DAY NEWGROUNDS!!!

___ the owl DECIDED!

2008-01-24 18:01:49 by DONAnimation

____ the owl has a name! His name will be Hooty! Hooty the Owl! His nutty teaser trailer will be on newgronds by Febuary 5th! Get ready to take a sneak peak at Hooty the Owl! The first official episode might come out around Febuary 15th- 25th.

____ the owl. (closed)

2008-01-21 18:59:48 by DONAnimation

I am thinking about making a series about a funny looking owl that can change form and turn into a black robed man with a top hat and has red eyes. I know it may sound boring, but I am thinking about a plot to put in ep. 1 about why he can change forms. It is more of a funny flash believe it or not. The owl like sits in a nest on a tree in New York City, and does stuff like poop on people, claws at peoples heads, and changes form and scares people. It will be humourus because I have an idea for like The forth episode or something. With a little girl walking up to the human formed one asking for her dolly because she lost it, and the human owl screeches at her and her eyes get all cute and huge and starts sobbing. Thats all I know, and the way the owl will be drawn is halarious! BUT I NEED YOUR OPINION ON WHAT HIS NAME SHOULD BE! "____ The Owl" it will be called but I need a name to fill in the blank. Any ideas?

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